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Meet IT-Architect: Robert van Veen

By 7 February 2022 February 7th, 2022 No Comments

At Red Carpet IT Services we think it is important that you get to know our team. This is why we created a new series of blogposts called ‘Meet the team on Monday’. In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to one of our valued team members. This Monday we’ll introduce you to IT-Architect Robert van Veen. 

Grab some coffee, relax and discover what he does and why he likes his job!

1. IT-Architect… What exactly is your role?

I am an IT-architect and in that role I support customers firstly by helping them with solutions to their business challenges and secondly assisting them during project implementation.

2. What is your background

I worked for many years as an IT-specialist, before changing profession and I became an IT-architect. I had various enterprise sized clients. Many years later and after a long personal development journey, I concluded that SMB and sub-enterprise customers were a better match. So after a detour I ended up at Red Carpet IT Services.

3. What activities give you the most energy?

I like business development and re-thinking old concepts using modern views and technologies and apply IT-architectural concepts to them. It’s not just business development, it’s the ability to change perspective in a way that leads to new insights. To quote Einstein: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results”. Being able to do that at Red Carpet or at its customers is what motivates me.

4. Where do you see opportunities and challenges in this role?

The biggest challenges are enablers for the best opportunities. The goal is adapting to market trends and keeping a sustainable business model. Re-thinking old concepts and adapting them to new market trends, gives us the opportunity to address customer business challenges. As an IT-architect you have the ability to support these processes via typical architectural concepts, like: thinking in reusability, standardization and building block concepts.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Actually I am engaged in activities for developing and building a new sustainable society for future generations. Instead of further expansion of influence by (institutional) non-governmental organizations, this new society takes a more decentralized and democratic approach. In a way it’s reinventing our past. IT is just one of the focus area’s (next to e.g. health, energy and education) that need (re)development and it’s awesome to be part of this process.