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Refreshing & Innovative SMARTSourcing Consultancy Services

Red Carpet IT Services consultancy division offers a refreshing and innovative consultancy service that can provide hardcore qualified IT specialists across a large spectrum of the IT industry that is guaranteed to reduce your organisations hiring costs in the long term.

In the current economic climate, it is essential that your organisation has access to the most cost-effective facilities to ensure that all your IT projects and IT requirements can utilise the best expertise available without worrying about the financial, legal and compliance consequences. Red Carpet IT Services has taken all this, and more into consideration.

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Red Carpet IT Services has taken the whole process a step further, we have intensively surveyed and researched the on-line resourcing capabilities with regard to consultancy services and after many years of discussions with both IT organisations and interim consultants, have developed our own methodology that combines all the best practices surrounding our industry that are currently available today, SMARTSourcing. The results have enabled us to develop a refreshing and innovative consultancy service that is dedicated to not only providing you with the best functionality currently available, but that can offer multiple options & services, depending on your organisation’s needs.

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Experience & Expertise

‘We have access to over 3000 IT specialists and consultants within Europe and have access to an even larger pool of specialists Worldwide’

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Finding a match

Provides a result-based service that is guaranteed to provide employers more choice in finding the right candidate and the interim IT professionals in finding the right assignment.


Utilises all recent developments in the IT market and capitalising on state-of-the-art communication channels, including social & mobile media.

All in one

Provides direct access to other IT providers for Managed Services, Teams of interim ICT specialists (Independent Consultants), etc.

Our combination of experience and expertise, coupled with our in-depth understanding of the businesses and organisations we serve, ensures that you will always be offered the right blend of consultancy skills or services to meet your requirements – first time, every time.