The Red Carpet Experience

More than 40 years of experience within the IT sector!

A High Level Pan-European
IT Managed Service Provider

Red Carpet IT Services is a high-level Pan-European IT Managed Service Provider (MSP). We are active in 6 European Countries with our headquarters based in the Netherlands and a branch office in the UK.

Do you feel that your business is losing the technological advantage due to experienced skilled resource shortages, or that your current service providers are just not delivering the correct skill sets that your organisation requires. Red Carpet IT Services is renowned for providing innovative solutions & superior resources & teams to perform technical roles from Java to QA testing as well as a variety of technical support skills that will transform the way you do business.

We have more than 40 years of experience within the IT sector and therefore have the expertise & ability to assist, guide and explore the value that high-level contract IT consultants can add to your organisation whether large or small and across all IT business sectors.

The Red Carpet Experience guarantees our clients, that we will fulfill the exact required specifications to ensure that our highly skilled resource consultants or managed IT solution teams have the correct experience & knowledge required to transform & resolve many of your IT business-critical issues. By making use of our services will ensure less overall expense and downtime. We get it right, first time, every time, conform to your plans and business goals.

More than 40 Years of Trusted Service History 

Meet our team

Our SMARTSourcing methodology

Our SMARTSourcing methodology and our experience within the IT sector ensures that we always get it right the first time. How?

  • We provide IT Staffing & Managed Services by real IT Professionals
    Every member of our team has personally worked in the IT industry so they know from experience what our clients are looking for
  • No bots, interns, or sourcing systems
    Can’t reproduce the human touch needed to match the right skills to your needs. We do not use text-based searches!
  • A proven, focused and agile approach
    We are a medium-large company with a special focus: Your Success. Our teams are geared for today’s fast paced and forever changing IT world
  • Not a volume-based ‘we-do-all’ broker
    We prefer to be excellent in what we do instead of being average at everything.
  • We do the Screening and you get the Benefits.
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”We were able to cost effectively grow at the precise time needed and grow using the most talented hand-picked resources”

Leadership team

Rian Barnes


Jonathan Hearn


Gert Jan Smit


For our clients

We understand better than most, that in today’s modern ever changing IT sector that you, the client are under duress and need to act quickly and responsively to transform & enhance your business critical requirements.

Whether you work within your company’s procurement department or you are a manager within the IT department you will require a reliable and trustworthy companion and partner who understands your business requirements and who are able to implement innovative solutions to increase your organisations  success.

We realise more than most that you constantly need to be able to improve your service to your internal customers and departments and in the meantime try and reduce your own personal workload – and if possible do both at no additional cost to your organisation?

We have 40 years of experience to offer. We believe that certainly means something!

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For our consultants

How many times have you been contacted recently either by an IT recruiter or via Linkedin, who honestly, have virtually no idea & do not understand what your skills are? We expect quite a few!

How many of these agencies or recruiters have got back to you? Possibly none!

And to make things worse, even though they have a job spec in front of them, they themselves really do not understand their clients requirements and just jibber on? We expect loads!

Many of these so called recruiters have little or either no affiliation with the IT industry whatsoever!

Thank God that this won’t happen with us.

We have no fictitious job specs and are not looking to expand our database. What we can offer is pure honesty with a capital H.

Our whole organisation is built around people who have a proven track working in the IT sector and or who are ex – IT contractors or consultants, so we understand you and we understand our clients requirements explicitly, and will be able to give you first hand the information that you require.

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