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Z-Zymphony is a specialist unit within Red Carpet IT Services and in cooperation with an international training organisation has developed a strategy for young graduates to participate in a unique training program to enhance the next generation of z/OS Mainframe skills in Europe.

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Many large and crucial organisations are reliant on the z/OS mainframe environment and the skill sets on the mainframe are slowly disappearing as the first generation of mainframe specialists enter retirement. 

In order to serve our existing customer base with new IT professionals and to ensure that future mainframe skill sets are available, Z-Zymphony in combination with one of the largest training organisations in the world are offering the chance for young graduates to join us on a unique journey (traineeship) for young graduates (m/f) to start a promising career in the exciting world of IBM mainframes.

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Z-Zymphony will select the trainees in conjunction with our mainframe customers

The customer will be responsible to accommodate the trainees on their premises and guide them with their day2day work

Z-Zymphony will be responsible for training and will offer the appropriate courses and coaching of the trainee

The traineeship is based on a period of 3 years

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