Monitoring Project: All Infrastructure & Applications

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Project Type: Managed Service

Aggregating alerts from various sources & tools. These include the network (HP Openview), Mainframe, Windows (SCOM), Linux and a multitude of other infrastructure services such as Jboss, Scality, Databases, IAAS and over 120+ application services.



  • ServiceVision & WV
  • UIM Nimbus

Duties include:

Duties include: Writing secure & resilient code in Perl and Java. Event management based on the interface between the monitoring tooling and ITSM Tooling.

Providing support to incident management and diagnose and fix all major issues in the production environment. Design, build, configure and test monitoring probes for a wide range of systems & applications. Setup & manage malfunctions, Maintain CMDB, Solve and improve systems performance and define systems from a functional & technical standpoint.