Technologies that will determine your workplace

By 13 November 2019 No Comments

In the following years, new technologies will have a major impact on our way of working. That is the opinion of 1,200 IT Professionals who participated in HP’s research. Which technologies will determine the workplace in the next five years? These are the most important trends according to the IT Professionals:

Internet of Things
The Internet of Things is the concept of connecting any device to the internet and to other connected devices. At least 49% of the respondents think that the Internet of Things will make the most impact in the next five years. Not very surprising, since there is already full use of this technology.

Edge computing
With the edge computing technology, it is no longer necessary to send data to datacentres for analysis. Instead, you can process the data on the device itself. It is logical that edge computing is considered important by 39% of the IT Professionals, because of the large amount of data that must be analysed over the next years.

Cognitive computing
The idea behind cognitive computing is that it is better to teach your computer something, than to program the desired behaviour. This fits in well with the aforementioned trends, because by building machine-learning algorithms, a computer can theoretically solve extremely complex problems by analysing a large amount of data.

The already widely discussed blockchain is also considered important by 29% of the IT Professionals. The most famous innovation from this technology is the Bitcoin. But in addition to creating a digital currency, you can use blockchain in all kinds of ways to securely capture data. This technology is most certainly important: in the past year, the number of blockchain-related jobs on LinkedIn tripled.

Immersive experiences
Immersive experiences are better known among the three R’s: virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR). A lot is already possible with the R’s. Think of the boiler repairer who quickly sees what is broken with AR. Or a lab technician who can already use VR to try out the new case he will receive next month. These examples only give a small insight of what is possible within a considerable time with this technology.

The results of this study mainly show the importance of data. This importance will only increase over the next five years. Ultimately, data will be the most important element for many companies. The question that will be answered in the coming decade is: “How can you successfully use all that data for your business?”

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