Junior Business Analyst (The Hague)

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We are looking for a Business Analyst to work at a European Agency in The Hague.

The BA will be responsible for producing business and user requirements analysis and business processes modelling to document ‘as is’ process and to analyse processes to propose areas for efficiency improvements and propose ‘to be’ processes.

Description of main tasks:

  • Process modelling
  • Process analyses
  • Data flow analysis
  • Gap analysis

Minimum requirements:

4 years of work experience in a similar role with a responsibility for requirements engineering and Business Process Modelling (BPM);
Knowledge of business process modelling methodologies, tools and best practices

Optional educational and professional qualifications:
Experience in working closely with business users, system designers/architects

Requirements Analysis and Specification Services are required to analyse organisational processes, in order to understand the current situation (‘as is’ processes), the desired one (‘to be’ processes), as well as, the impact and benefits to the organisation of implementing a new application or changes in existing applications to support changes in the underlying organisational processes, and to gather business and technical/system requirements, business rules and other constraints, in order to analyse opportunities, risks and resource impact and allow the creation of roadmaps and prioritisation of development work. Based on the analysed processes and the gathered business and technical/system requirements, application or interface designs shall be specified to propose solutions fitting in the existing architecture.

The tasks to deliver the services at least include:

  • Capturing, documenting and analysing business processes;, by modelling the ‘as is’ ones and proposing the ‘to be’ ones;
  • Eliciting, gathering and analysing business and technical/system requirements;
  • Impact assessment of business and technical/system requirements on existing applications;
  • Impact assessment of Change Requests (CRs) for proposed improvements or preventive maintenance needs;
  • Review of the technical architecture, design and specification of existing applications, so as to address new requirements or CRs, improve existing documentation, propose improvements and support Eurojust in the development of roadmaps; and
  • Functional and technical design and specification of solutions to address single or multiple CRs or requirements as part of an existing or new application.

The services shall result in at least the following deliverables when applicable:

  • Business Process Analysis (BPA)
  • Statement of System Requirements (SoSR)
  • System Requirements Analysis and Solutions (SRAS)
  • Use Cases (UC)
  • Technical Solution
  • Supplementary Specifications
  • Change Request Impact Assessment Document (CR-IAD)
  • Accepted requirements analysis deliverables (i.e. CR-IAD or SRAS-v1) form the baseline for delivering requirements specification deliverables (i.e. SRAS-v2).
  • Accepted requirements specification deliverables form the baseline for ordering software development services.


Start Date; ASAP Duration 12 months with the possibility of multiple extensions.

Working Language is English. other European Languages are a big plus.

EU citizens.


If you think you have the correct skill set or would like to know more about this position, please do not hesitate to contact Sabrina Delissen: