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Red Carpet IT Services provides efficient and cost-effective resourcing & managed service solutions in challenging IT labour markets across Europe. With our experience & with our SMARTSourcing methodology we will quickly match the most suitable IT solution based on a comprehensive understanding of your required needs.

We are the preferred IT service provider of choice to many qualified and experienced IT professionals & organisations within Europe. Red Carpet IT Services is registered with the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service) & NEN Certified and is therefore fully compliant with all fiscal & legal regulations.

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Is your company losing the technology battle against scarce IT resources?

For many organisations IT contract consultants have and still are a key and strategic resource which has been an integral part of how they have developed their business and how they have managed long-term and short-term growth.

While some organisations see IT contractors as a significant force, for others though, IT contract consultants are just becoming a viable and valuable source of expertise.

Red Carpet IT Services has more than 40 years of experience within the IT sector and can assist, guide and explore the value high-level IT contract consultants bring to your organisation whether large or small and across all IT business sectors.

Red Carpet IT Services is known for providing superior resources to perform technical roles from Java development to QA testing as well as a variety of technical support services. Individual Specialists, Managed Services, Managed Staffing, Managed Specialized Teams, Niche IT Specialists.

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Our client references include world class companies and government organisations across Europe who, in many cases, have hired our consultants full time:

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We will ensure that you receive the ultimate solution to solve any of your IT requirements or issues. If you have a question, vacancy or if you are looking for a new assignment? Then please contact us via the contact form below. Success guaranteed!

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