Why your organisation cannot afford to miss out on low-code

By 30 October 2020 No Comments

The time to get into low-code is now. It may seem like a big step for your organization and new things are often scary, but you should not miss the cue. We list why you should not let this opportunity pass.


As said before: time is money. Especially in the case of low-code. Because with the use of an LCD (Low-Code Development) tool, it is possible to build applications up to twenty times faster. And that at no extra cost.

But not only the development part is fast, the product also results in speed. Transactions can be done digitally more easily, which cuts the average process time in half. Also customer contact improves. Both the communication to and from the customer accelerates, thanks to the applications and software developed with low-code.


The agility of the software also contributes to the speed of application development. When building a completely new application, the easy interface ensures that adjustments are made in no time by your junior developers, because in this case they do not have to dive into the code. That translation is done entirely by the LCD.

But even if your organisation wants to switch to a newer program, low-code is the agile solution. The existing data can be safely stored in a quickly built application, making it easy to transfer to the new programs. Even from the really outdated programs, it is no problem to take over the data, by building a link with low-code that can transfer data safely.

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The possibilities with low-code are endless, so what are you waiting for? Get on board now! Low-code is the future of application building, and that future starts today. Would you like to start with low-code now or would you like to know more about the opportunities with this software? Please contact Red Carpet IT Services. We are happy to help you.