Supply of highly skilled IT professionals struggles to meet demand

By 9 June 2020 No Comments

Despite the corona crisis, the demand for IT skills has not decreased as much as was initially forecasted. On the contrary, high-level IT skills are particularly scarce at the moment. Researchers from De Staffing Groep have ascertained that large corporate organisations, in particular, are finding it extremely difficult to find the right IT professionals.

If there is one thing that companies have learned during this crisis, it is that we are getting more and more familiar with working ánd living online. However, there are still challenges with regard to onboarding procedures. That is why IT departments value the importance of high-level IT consultants as they are able to transition into new roles and environments more efficiently. This is certainly, significant for organisations who work predominately online and who depend on well functioning online infrastructures. More than 25% of the organisations surveyed believe that a lack of qualified IT professionals is the biggest threat to their business. 

The type of IT skills that are currently being requested has also changed since the beginning of this year. The demand for operational skills has seen an increase, whereas a lot of strategic development assignments have currently been put on hold.  

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