Red Carpet IT Services has been chosen by SNCF in France to support & maintain their Reservation System on the z/TPF platform. The contract with SNCF is for 2 years. With a possibility of extending.


The z/Transaction Processing Facility (z/TPF) operating system is a special-purpose system that is used by companies with very high transaction volume, such as credit card companies and airline & train reservation systems.  

We are extremely proud to have been chosen by SNCF. This is a huge step forward for Red Carpet IT Services and especially for the niche, IT services that we are renowned for delivering. Red Carpet IT Services

z/TPF was once known as Airline Control Program (ACP). It is still used by airlines and has been extended for other very large systems with high-speed, high-volume transaction processing requirements. z/TPF can use multiple mainframes in a loosely coupled environment to routinely handle tens of thousands of transactions per second, while experiencing uninterrupted availability that is measured in years. Very large terminal networks, including special-protocol networks used by portions of the reservation industry, are common.

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