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Meet our sales director: Rian Barnes

By 9 August 2021 No Comments

At Red Carpet IT Services we think it is important that you get to know our team. This is why we created a new series of blogposts called ‘Meet the team on Monday’. In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to one of our valued team members. This Monday we’ll introduce you to our Sales Director: Rian Barnes

Make yourself comfortable and get to know Rian! Enjoy your Monday.

1. Sales Director… What exactly is your role?

I am the Sales Director of Red Carpet IT Services and responsible for growth and all revenue related sales activities. I am accountable for all of our current accounts as well as generating new business. In this role I am always looking for new business opportunities.

2. What is your background?

I started my career in Business Software. I started of selling on-premise CRM software for an Irish software vendor. I learned a lot during my 5 years at the company as an account manager.

I later got headhunted for an Account Executive role for one of the largest Dutch Software Vendors for SME’s called Exact. They were just at the beginning of their new Cloud Solutions Portfolio. This was the first company were I experienced exponential growth and gained a lot of business knowledge both Sales and Marketing related.

3. What activities give you the most energy?

New Business and happy people! I also like learning new stuff and am always interested in how technology can work for us.

4. Where do you see opportunities and challenges in this role?

The current market place is highly competitive and we are currently building a new value proposition. We are  really going to  break through the glass ceiling.

On the other hand it is a real challenge as well as we need to increase our ability to sell and our ability to deliver real fast.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love travelling with my family. I recently became a father of a son called Michael and I like to socialize with friends in the weekend and I love food!!