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Meet our CEO: Hans van Heffen

By 2 August 2021 No Comments


At Red Carpet IT Services we think it is important that you get to know our team. This is why we created a new series of blogposts called ‘Meet the team on Monday’. In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to one of our valued team members. This Monday we’ll kick off with our CEO: Hans van Heffen.

Grab a coffee and take a few minutes to get to know the man that inspires our entire team to get better every day. Enjoy your Monday.

1. Chief Executive Officer… What exactly is your role?

I am the CEO of Red Carpet IT Services and therefore responsible for the profit & loss of the organisation, the definition and execution of our future growth plans and above all the well-being of our employees and customers.

2. What is your background?

So funny enough I started my career in the music industry! I have been global new release manager of EMI for 5 years, which was mega fun. I met all famous artists of my generation multiple times.

But then I became serious and went into IT. I spent 14 years with Atos on mainly managing divisions like middleware, SAP and Application Management and I have been Sales Director as well.

In 2009 Capgemini headhunted me. At Capgemini I have been managing BNL-Infrastructure Outsourcing, France-infrastructure outsourcing and a global division based on data services. In the end I was responsible for sales and all projects of continental Europe.

3. What activities give you the most energy?

I just like my work…. And spending time with my colleagues working on business growth motivates me enormously.

4. Where do you see opportunities and challenges in this role?

We have made a 3-year plan focused at tripling our revenue before 2025. That is our opportunity and I am convinced that the market is there…….

On the other hand it is a real challenge as well as we need to increase our ability to sell and our ability to deliver real fast.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am a real family man so I love to spend quality time with my wife and two daughters.

Next to that I am passionate about wine – I am following evening courses to become a certified specialist- and even have my own wine-club called “Vinum Stratum”.

Lastly, anything that goes fast – and then specifically Formula 1 – has my highest level of attention!