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Meet our Account Executive: Jonathan Hearn

By 30 August 2021 No Comments

At Red Carpet IT Services we think it is important that you get to know our team. This is why we created a new series of blogposts called ‘Meet the team on Monday’. In the coming weeks we’ll introduce you to one of our valued team members. This Monday we’ll introduce you to Jonathan Hearn. He is our Account Executive for one of our key customers. 

Grab some coffee, relax and get to know Jonathan.

1. Account Executive… What exactly is your role?

My role is to act as the link between Red Carpet IT Services and one of our key customers, the European Patent Office. I must ensure that professionally we deliver on our customers needs, forge strong partnerships with the key stakeholders and most importantly, be on hand to support the consultants. I am responsible for all aspects of the account and must develop and improve on the relationships that have been established over a number of years.

2. What is your background?

My background lies in Quality Assurance of IT Software, in particular testing. For a number of organisations in the UK and in the Netherlands, I worked my way from being a Test Analyst to becoming a Test Manager. As my knowledge and influence grew outside of the “testing world”, I have taken on greater responsibilities and learnt many facets associated with service delivery that ultimately afforded me the opportunity to perform the role of an Account Executive.

3. What activities give you the most energy?

In an ideal scenario, I would have more time to support the consultants that work on my account. Nothing gives me more pleasure or a sense of fulfilment than knowing that the team are motivated, committed and know that they are fully supported and appreciated. If I am able to contribute to this, in even a small way, then I am energised and feel I have fulfilled my duty to the team.  

4. Where do you see opportunities and challenges in this role?

In the world of IT, as is common in all business, it is always difficult to distinguish yourself from other companies delivering similar services. At the core our work is an attention to detail and a focus on quality. Our clients and partners have always respected this – in the way that we conduct ourselves and this is a tradition that I and my colleagues always look to uphold.

One of the greatest challenges at this time is to maintain that level of quality and contact within the team and with our clients, with so many services delivered remotely. With more services being delivered remotely and the associated benefits that brings to our clients, we see the challenge but ultimately this would present to myself and Red Carpet IT Services an opportunity.

5. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time – What is that? 😊 Joking aside, I enjoy performing activities that are in contrast to a majority of the tasks that I perform during my working day. I have found jogging a fantastic way to relax and unwind. The peace and solitude of going for a long run, enjoying being outside and clearing my head of any thoughts, is a great way to switch off and recharge my batteries after a long day or week of work.