Is low-code the next big thing?

By 13 October 2020 No Comments

Low-code isn’t a new kid on the block. It has been around since the nineties. At the moment low-code seems to be the next big thing in the IT sector. But is it the next big thing or just a hype?

What is low-code?

To understand the technology, it is important to understand what low-code exactly is. Low-Code is a way to develop applications with a visual approach. To do so, developers need minimal professional IT expertise or backgrounds in programming languages. Thanks to the graphic user interface, the software is accessible for more (and cheaper) developers.

What can you do with low-code? 

By using a Low-code Development (LCD) tool you can design and build your application, simply by just dragging and dropping the right segments into the right place. Because the software automatically knows how to translate the components to the right codes, developers can focus completely on the interface and functions of the applications.


Off course there are platforms specialised in low-code developing. Mendix and Outsystems are the biggest and most well-known providers. Both offer a full-stack package, to replace the old way of programming. For smaller organisations there are apps that offer low-code solutions for internal environments, like Microsoft and Salesforce.

Does your organisation need low-code? 

Interested in low-code but not sure if your organisation would benefit from it? Let us help you figure it out. Red Carpet IT provides you with the low-code specialists you need. Contact us for more information.