3 reasons why hiring contractors is a smart move

By 25 September 2020 No Comments

It’s a common misunderstanding that contractors are costly resources. In this article we provide you with 3 reasons why hiring contractors is a smart move.


Hiring contractors can result in multiple advantages, a study by Trinity Business School and the University of Derby shows.

Contractors and freelancers provide value to your organisation as they often bring a specific skill set. When used right, they will increase the core workforce with their skills and expertise and accelerate the growth of your organisation.

As the study shows, hiring contractors can boost productivity and generate up to €5,000 per employee by using their expertise the right way.


Contractors and freelancers are more flexible than regular employees. You can hire them when it suits your organisation, instead of hiring an employee of for an entire year. A contractor might have a higher hourly rate, but when you don’t need a specific skill set year round it is economically sound to hire a contractor rather than an employee.


Hiring contractors or freelancers is a good option to bring in a specific kind of expertise that your organisation is lacking. Since contractors and freelancers are often specialised, they can add instant value to your organisation.

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